if you’re looking for unblocked games, you’ve stumbled into the right place! we have an active dev team adding games at least every week.

news!! I’m excited to announce has now entered 1.0. all the basic features I’ve been wanting to add are now implemented, and all the bugs (that I’m aware of, anyways) have been fully squashed. this does NOT mean development is ending anytime soon, there is still a very lengthy roadmap ahead, but this is the first finished version of I hope you like it, and please lmk if you notice any bugs or have any game reccomendations or anything!

want to suggest a game or talk with other community check the forums! want to know about the very handsome and muscular devs? check the Meet the Team page. ! want to talk but on a platform that’s actually good and easy to use? Join the discord!

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if you notice any strange glitches or errors, please let us know on discord or github!